With the passage of the new law regarding transient (vacation) rentals, a great opportunity has come up for local folks who, up to now, haven’t been able to afford a home of their own!

Some investors are now selling their rental properties so as not to be in violation of that law, and some are at very affordable prices. (If you thought you’d never see a nice fee simple one-bedroom condo under $200,000 or a two-bedroom under $300,000, think again.)

Many are fairly remote from Honolulu, so if you don’t need to commute to town, grab the opportunity while it’s here! (But they’re not all “way out there.” Some are scattered throughout various areas of Oahu, so don’t give up.)

But this situation won’t last – as soon as the panic abates, many of these listings will disappear.

There are many reasons why buying right now will be a great investment for the future, providing a home you can be proud of now, as well as an opportunity to “move up” within the next few years as your family grows.

I believe it’s very important for local people to stay in Hawaii and owning a home is a big part of helping them do just that. I’d love to help YOU! So if you want to know more about getting started in home ownership here in Hawaii, call me today!

No expense, no obligation – just a conversation that may change your life.