About Me

Arriving in Hawaii in 1966, I fell in love at first sight with this special place and have never looked back. For me, the rare and unique blend of Hawaii’s beauty, its people and its culture make these islands a true Paradise on earth. I’d choose to live nowhere else and I am honored to have become kama’aina.

Growing up in a 200-year-old home that my parents restored and watching my grandparents remodel 35 homes during their more than 50 years of marriage, I learned to love houses – even those that are hard to love at first look! Wanting to share that love led me to become a Realtor.

I bought my first home in 1970 – despite the advice of some people who believed homes here were too expensive and I’d lose out when the market collapsed!  I’m glad now that I didn’t listen.

Living in my present Kailua home for over thirty years, renovating and enlarging it over time and as needed for my family, it no longer resembles its original self. (I also gained a lot of practical knowledge and experience about construction and ‘fix-up’ in the process.)

I have three adult children, son Josh and daughters Angela and Valerie, all Hawaii-born and raised. I also have three wonderful grandchildren (and two naughty cats.)

For fun, I write murder mysteries. I also enjoy painting, needlework, many different kinds of arts and crafts, volunteering in aid of the Hawaiian Islands Land Trust, and participating in my eldest granddaughter’s school and sports activities.

Joshua Lee Britten (RA)

After many years’ experience in the escrow and title aspects of real estate, Fran’s son Josh joined her at HomeQuest in 2013. Frequently working together as partners, their combined ideas and viewpoints often lead to successful and creative solutions for their clients’ needs.

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